Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Sunday at the Movies!!!

My favorite movie of the summer was released this weekend, and I decided to make it a day at the movies.

 #1- The Wolverine

Cataleya is Entertained
-The fight scences are Awesome!
-I  totally loved the wardrobe of all the women
-The story flowed well for me there was never a dull moment and I have a better understanding of Logan.
- I chose the pic above I love that chick in the movie she was really Kick - ass her name by the way "Yukio"
Cataleya is shaking her head
- Word of advice watch X-Men Last Stand, I was a little lost on the story of Jean ....Totally my fault that way you can follow Wolverine better.
Cataleya Final Thoughts
- I chose to see the movie in regular version not 3-D ,I think it would be totally worth the 3-D.
- We all go to movies to see different effects, action, wardrobe, music, there is something in Wolverine for everyone.
-Please stay until the Final Credits you wouldn't want to miss anything
  This sword is hundreds of years old, called "Danza" after the first samurai to wield it. "Danza" means "separator".
                                                                                           "  Yukio"


# 2- White House Down

Cataleya is Entertained
- The action was good but the story seemed to drag.
- My favorite character was the Channing's daughter in the movie
- The comic relief was nice so the movies wasn't all serious
Cataleya's Final Thoughts
- If you are into fights, things being blown up this is the movie for you.
Cataleya's Favorite Character

# 3- Red 2

Cataleya is Entertained
- Seeing Anthony Hopkins was great and he added much character to the movie.
-The fight scences with Lee and and Willis are great.
Cataleya is shaking her head
- When I grow up I want to look like Helen Mirren...sigh
-The body shot of  Byung Lee should be illegal!!!
Cataleya's Final Thoughts
- This movie was really slow for me the story dragged.
- I say catch it at matinee time
Cataleya's Favorite Character

There are some great coming soon, these are on my list

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